Stone Care & Cleaning

To care for your natural stone, we carry a variety of high quality, industry-preferred products.  Our staff can assist you in determining the proper methods for the sealing and daily cleaning of your stone, as well as what is appropriate in more extreme situations. 


Phone:  231-929-2848

How do I start my natural stone project?​

All we need from you is an accurate drawing or blueprint of your countertops or project area, a stone selection and some details about edges, sinks and other appliances.  From this we can create an estimate for your approval.

What if we want to see more full slabs than you have on-site?

We work with importers in Chicago, the Detroit area, and in Grand Rapids.  We can arrange a visit for you, and you can view and select from thousands of slabs!

How do I maintain my granite?

Your granite will be sealed at installation by Stratus with the industry's finest sealers.  Cleaning and care are simple.  We will recommend professional stone cleaning products.

I've heard about radon concerns in granite.  
Is it safe?

In a word, yes.  All rocks contain radon, including granite, but emissions are well below established EPA safety levels.  For a more detailed description of radon in stone, please visit www.marble-institute.com,  click on 

"Consumers" information, then on Tech/Design Resources section, and finally "Radon/Radiation information."

Can I set hot pans on my granite counter tops?

Yes - pans and dishes can come directly out of the oven.  You will not harm the granite.

Can I cut food directly on granite?

Yes - you'll only harm your knife!

What about using marble in kitchens?

Marble can be used in kitchens, but will require extra care.  The surface is sensitive to acids contained in many foods, and will etch.  Most marble is also more porous than granite, and prompt clean-up of spills will be important to prevent staining.  If you think you want to use marble in your kitchen, please take time to discuss the care and maintenance with our expert staff.

How long does it take to get granite installed in my kitchen?

Typically, we template within two weeks after receiving a deposit, then install approximately two weeks after that.  Seasonal business can make this timeframe shorter or longer.

Why should we have Stratus Marble & Granite do our kitchen?  I've heard the big box stores or downstate shops cost less.

The simple answer:  Because we care.  Everyone who touches your stone is employed by Stratus.  Stone is our only business.  We are expert and local to Traverse City and northern Michigan, and will make sure you are happy with your project.  Box stores with outsourced labor cannot match our level of service, our quality of fit and finish, and our attentiveness to your needs.  We live where we work, are part of the local community, and will be available when you need us.